iOS 16.4 Makes Battery Leak Drastically, Don’t Update First!

iOS 16.4 Makes Battery Leak Drastically, Don't Update First!

Jakarta, Reportase – A week after the release of iOS 16.4, tests showed that the new version of the system significantly reduces the battery life of various iPhone models.

This has happened in previous iOS releases and subsequent updates have fixed the battery drain issue.

The expert believes that every iOS update will indeed reduce battery life. There is already a lot of data that disproves this belief. But this happened in the latest iOS update.

To quote CultofmacWednesday (5/4/2023), YouTube channel iAppleBytes conducted a real test on various iPhones that received the iOS 16.4 update

When Geekbench battery testing was performed on iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone 8 running iOS 16.4, all of their battery scores dropped. Some of these models even saw double-digit score drops when compared to iOS 16.3 .1.

As in the battery score for the iPhone 13 down 11% and iPhone 12 down 12%.

To that end anyone who hasn’t installed iOS 16.4 should probably seriously consider skipping it. There are no reports indicating when the iOS 16.4.1 update will be out yet. This update might fix this battery issue.

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