Inflation Begins to Crawl Down, Sri Mulyani Semringah

Inflation Begins to Crawl Down, Sri Mulyani Semringah – The Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani Indrawati seemed excited to see the rate of inflation in the country which continued to show a weakening trend, she said this was a positive story on the Indonesian economy.

“This is a positive thing, it will definitely help from the perspective of people’s perception of confidence in spending. People’s purchasing power can also be protected if inflation decreases,” said the Minister of Finance at the Press Conference on Our State Budget which was held online, Monday (17/4/2023).

Food inflation control continues to be strengthened to maintain price stability, especially during National Religious Holidays. Volatile food inflation decreased, followed by core inflation at a level of 2.9% which also decreased.

“This is a positive trend. Inflation in other countries is still struggling,” said the Minister of Finance.

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The positive side of Indonesia’s inflation needs to be maintained. This is because inflation in other countries is still quite high, even Argentina reached 104.3% and Turkey reached 50.5%.


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