IndiHome Joins Telkomsel, Erick Thohir: Extraordinary History

IndiHome Joins Telkomsel, Erick Thohir: Extraordinary History

Jakarta, Reportase – Crazy Telkomsel started the company merger process. PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. has signed a Conditional Separation Agreement (CSA) for the spin off of Indihome to be merged with its subsidiary, Telkomsel.

The CSA for the merger of Telkomsel and Indihome which was signed on Thursday (6/4/2023), is fully supported by two Telkomsel shareholders, namely Telkom and Singtel.

Regarding this corporate action, Erick Thohir as Minister of SOEs spoke up. According to him, the merger of Indihome and Telkomsel will improve the performance of the Telkom group as well as focus each of the company’s business units.

The company resulting from the merger of Telkomsel and Indihome can focus on the B2C sector so that Telkom will concentrate on working on B2B.

“We are combining Indihome with Tekomsel, so that it becomes an integrated internet solution including digital content derivatives and other startups that can become part of the ecosystem,” he said as quoted from uploading his personal Instagram, Tuesday (11/4/2023).

According to Erick, Indonesia’s future economic growth will come from the digital economy industry.

He then gives examples such as ChatGPT which is now something new. Even though it hasn’t reached there yet, at least the ecosystem must be prepared so that it benefits Indonesia, because it can open up job opportunities and protect MSMEs.

“So I thank you for your hard work. This is an extraordinary history for me, for gentlemen, we can create legacy.” he concluded.

For your information, the content of the CSA is the integration of Indihome, which is valued at IDR 58.3 trillion, into Telkomsel. Then, Telkomsel will issue new shares for Telkom. Simultaneously with this integration, Singtel agreed to exercise its right to acquire a new 0.5% stake in Telkomsel worth Rp 2.7 trillion.

After the issuance of the new shares, Singtel’s shares in Telkomsel became 30.1%. Telkom’s stake in Indonesia’s largest cellular operator rose to 69.9%.

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