IFSC World Cup 2023 Indonesia Series Results: Urge Made to Win Bronze Medal, Kiromal Katibin Silver

IFSC World Cup 2023 Indonesia Series Results: Urge Made to Win Bronze Medal, Kiromal Katibin Silver, Jakarta – Athlete rock climbingMade Rita Kusuma Dewi urged, won a silver medal in the Rock Climbing World Cup or IFSC World Cup The 2023 Jakarta series at Lot 6 Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Jakarta, on Sunday, May 7 2023. In the women’s speed rock climbing event, Desak Made again appeared promising in front of all Indonesian supporters.

Even so, Desak Made’s record time of 6.52 seconds in the final was not enough to beat the record time of Polish rock climber Aleksandra Miroslaw who recorded 6.43 seconds.

Previously, Desak Made appeared smooth to advance to the final round after defeating Polish athlete Patrycja Chudziak with a time of 6.94 seconds while Patrycja recorded a time of 7.48 seconds. In the quarter-finals, the athlete who won the bronze medal in the IFSC World Cup series in Seoul, Korea, recorded a time of 6.69 seconds, defeating American athlete Emma Hunt who recorded a time of 6.79 seconds.

Desak Made’s record was sharpened again in the semifinals when he faced athlete from China Lijuan Deng. Desak Made recorded a time of 6.65 seconds.

Meanwhile, another female athlete from Indonesia, Rajiah Salsabillah, had to stop in the last eight after her record time of 6.84 seconds was broken by Lijuan Deng with a time of 6.70 seconds. Two Indonesian women’s rock climbing athletes, Nurul Iqamah and Mutia Amanda Narda, had to suffer defeat in the last sixteen.

The FPTI chairman, Yenny Wahid, gave the bronze medal to Kiromal Katibin in Lot 6 of Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Sunday night. (ANTARA/Zaro Ezza Syachniar)

Chiromal Katibin Wins Bronze Medal


Indonesian rock climbing athlete with the men’s speed number, Kiromal Katibin won a bronze medal at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup 2023 Jakarta. He won a bronze medal after defeating athlete from China Peng Wu (CHN) who failed to make it to the finish line.

He took third place at the IFSC World Cup 2023 Jakarta with a time of 6.34 seconds.
Previously, he failed to advance to the final round after being defeated by an athlete from China, Xinshang Wang, who recorded a time of 5.05 seconds in the semifinals. Katibin himself only recorded a time of 5.09 seconds in the top four.

When compared to the 2022 edition of the IFSC World Cup Jakarta, Katibin’s achievements have declined. At a similar event in 2022, the athlete from Batang, Central Java won a silver medal.

However, when compared to the previous edition of the IFSC World Cup 2023 series in Seoul, South Korea, Katibin’s score is much better. In the second series of this year’s world championship, Katibin failed to qualify for the finals and was only able to occupy 32nd place.

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