HP users refuse to update Android 13, check the data!

HP users refuse to update Android 13, check the data!

Jakarta, Reportase – In January, Google shared data regarding the penetration of the Android 13 operating system. Launched in 2022, this operating system was only used by around 5% of Android cellphone and tablet users in early 2023.

In 3 months, its market share is up 12.1%. Even so, the number is not exactly a lot.

It seems that many Android cellphone users are still reluctant to install the Android 13 update. In fact, Google is scheduled to introduce Android 14 in the middle of this year.

Google’s latest report shows that the dominance of the operating system is still held by Android 11 with a market share of 23.5% in April 2023.

Android 12 is in second place with a market share of 16.5%, quoted from Gizchina, Monday (17/4/2023).

It should be noted, the slow adoption to Android 13 is due to the fact that many devices released before August 2022 are still using the previous generation of operating systems.

Some of them also haven’t accommodated updates to Android 13. Even so, the constant growth of Android 13 can be considered positive.

Going forward, efforts need to be made for Android 13 to be able to defeat the dominance of Android 11. One of them is by providing the software update to older generation cellphones.

It looks like Android 14 will be more in demand and quickly adopted. The reason is, this operating system will be released more quickly. The prediction is that the end of next month coincides with the Google I/O 2023 event.

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