How much does the Earth cost if it is sold? This is the estimate

How much does the Earth cost if it is sold? This is the estimate, Jakarta – Planets Earth can be said to be the most precious place that is priceless. Even if all of humanity’s assets were collected, it would still not be enough to pay for all the resources that Earth has bestowed upon humanity. If Earth could be traded, how much would it cost?

Earth Price

An assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA, named Greg Laughlin, developed a special formula that makes it possible to calculate the price of the Earth. According to his calculations, Bumi has a fantastic price if it is sold.

Quoting from Mentalfloss, Greg Laughlin estimates the Earth is worth about US$5 quadrillion or US$5,000,000,000,000,000. Laughlin’s calculations came after he measured a planet’s mass, temperature, age and other factors that directly correlated with its ability to sustain life.

Not only Planet Earth, Laughlin also estimates the prices of other planets in the Solar System. One of the planets that he estimates the price when it is sold is Mars. On the other hand, for this planet, Laughlin estimates that the price is almost the same as a car, which is only US $ 16,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 237,232,000.00.

That was already more expensive than Venus, which he estimated at only a penny.

Laughlin stated that he did not expect the number of prices to be applied in the real world. On the contrary, he hopes that more and more people will appreciate the only ‘home’ they know, namely Earth.

Laughlin was not the first person to give a hypothetical value to something. Previously, there had been people who estimated the price of the Death Star from Star Wars if sold. According to calculations, the Death Star from Star Wars if sold has a price of US $ 852 quadrillion. This price is certainly more than Laughlin’s estimate for Earth.


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