Hobbit-Like Flores Humans Still Roaming, These Are the Facts

Hobbit-Like Flores Humans Still Roaming, These Are the Facts

Jakarta, Reportase – A study revealed the existence of ancient humans from Flores or called Homo Floresiensis. An expert tries to reveal the facts of the creature known as the Hobbit.

The joint team of Indonesia and Australia found a human skeleton complete with its culture. The findings are from a large cave in Liang Bua, Flores.

From existing dates, ancient humans lived around 38 thousand – 18 thousand years ago. The location of the findings is called reasonable because part of the area is limestone hills which are known to be fertile and as rice granaries.

Observations also revealed this creature has a height of only 106 cm. This is what makes ancient humans called Hobbits, referring to the fictional character of the work The Lord of The Rings from JRR Tolkien.

“Based on the results of an initial analysis conducted by Peter Brown from the University of New England, Australia, it was obtained that this human height was only about 106 cm with a brain volume of around 380cc,” wrote Jatmiko and Thomas Sutikno in Findings of Homo Floresiensis at the Liang Bua Site (2006) .

This small size, Teuku Jacob from UGM said, was caused by disease. He also explained that the creature was still part of the modern human species from Homo Sapiens.

“The new human species from Flores is actually a modern human belonging to the Homo sapiens species of the Australomelanesid race. However, according to him, the Flores human fossils look special because they suffer from microcephaly, which many Flores people suffer from,” said Teuku Jacob.

Meanwhile, based on his article in The Scientists, an expert from the University of Alberta, Gregory Forth believes that Flores humans still exist. This belief comes from the testimony of Lio tribesmen who claim to have seen the appearance of Flores humans turning into animals when moving and adapting to a new environment.

“This includes reports of sightings by over 30 eyewitnesses, all of whom I spoke to directly. And I conclude that the best way to explain what they have told me is that non-sapiens hominins have survived on Flores until recently or recently. this new.” he was quoted as saying IFL Science.

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