Having been absent for 12 games for the Lakers, LeBron James said he wants to focus on injury recovery

Having been absent for 12 games for the Lakers, LeBron James said he wants to focus on injury recovery – Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who has now missed 12 games from the team, said his main focus right now is recovering from his leg injury.

James, quoted by AFP, Friday, said he was trying his best to get back to full fitness so he could get back on the court with the LA Lakers. However, he did not set a definite time to return to fitness and play before the end of the NBA regular season.

“There is no evaluation today and no target date regarding my return. I’m just working (hard) all the time, every day, three times a day, to give myself the best chance to come back full strength whenever it is,” said James.

Several US media outlets previously reported that the NBA’s leading scorer was eyeing a possible comeback in the final three games of the season.

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James himself has not played for the Lakers since suffering a foot injury in late February. He and the team decided to take a break from NBA games for the month of March.

On the other hand, the Lakers are still trying to earn a spot in the NBA playoffs. The team, which is a 17-time NBA champion, is now ranked 10th in the Western Conference NBA standings with 36 wins and 37 losses (36-37) and leaves nine games remaining.

Rank 10 is the most protruding position for an NBA team to have a chance to play in the playoffs, because they have to go through two games in the playoffs first in order to advance to the playoffs.

The eight best teams in each region participate in the NBA playoffs, but the teams that place first to sixth automatically get a place in the preliminary round. Meanwhile, teams that are placed seventh through 10 must compete again in the playoffs to get two places in the playoffs.

The Lakers’ 10th position this time was obtained through their victory over the Phoenix Suns with a final score of 122-111, Thursday WIB. (BETWEEN)

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