Growing the Regional Economy Through the 2023 Borobudur Marathon Event

Growing the Regional Economy Through the 2023 Borobudur Marathon Event – Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, officially launched the Borobudur Marathon 2023 series Powered by Bank Jateng in the Borobudur Temple Area, Magelang.

The Borobudur Marathon 2023 series begins with the Borobudur Marathon Greeting activity. Apart from Ganjar, the activity was attended by the Main Director of Bank Jateng Supriyatno and the Chairman of the Borobudur Marathon Foundation Liem Chie An.

Ganjar said that this year’s Borobudur Marathon is a running competition that will be eagerly awaited by many people, especially runners from all over the world.

Apart from that, the Borobudur Marathon 2023 for Ganjar himself will also be an event that he will miss, ahead of the end of his tenure as Governor of Central Java in September.

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“So in the future, because this is an event that I am waiting for at the end of my tenure so I can continue to promote this event,” Ganjar said after launching.

Meanwhile, this year’s Borobudur Marathon has the theme Voice of Unity or which means Voice of Unity. With this theme, it is hoped that the Borobudur Marathon can unite all differences through a running competition.

Ganjar also estimates that at least as many as 10 thousand runners from within the country and abroad will take part in the Borobudur Marathon 2023 Powered by Bank Jateng.

“We will start running the Borobudur Marathon again. We hope that approximately 10,000 participants will join the Borobudur Mararhon run with the theme Voice of Unity,” said Ganjar.

The economic impact of Magelang and its surroundings from the Borobudur Marathon is also predicted to skyrocket. Starting from the lodging sector, from hotels, homestays, balconydes to tourist destinations and MSMEs.

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Ganjar hopes that the people of Magelang and its surroundings can maximize the event to increase their income.

“Bank Jateng will also promote financial literacy for MSMEs. The local community is involved, the sport tourism can also run well. I really hope that this event will become a community event for Borobudur and its surroundings,” said Ganjar.

Borobudur Marathon 2023 Powered by Bank Jateng will be held on 19 November 2023 in the Borobudur area. The competition consists of several categories, namely Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, involving national and international runners.


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