Gregoria Reveals the Key to Victory Over Kim Ga Eun in the Top 16 Round

Gregoria Reveals the Key to Victory Over Kim Ga Eun in the Top 16 Round – Women’s singles badminton player Gregoria Mariska Tunjung chose to play it safe when she was in a situation when she faced athlete from South Korea Kim Ga Eun in the round of 16 of the Spain Masters 2023, Thursday night, Madrid time.

Thanks to her patient play, Gregoria advanced to the quarter-finals with a 12-21, 21-14, 23-21 win in 57 minutes.

“In the third game, I tried not to get too excited about the critical points because I was afraid of making my own mistakes, so I had to play safely. Luckily, I got a few points from my opponent’s mistakes and was able to take advantage of that to win,” said Gregoria in PP’s official message. PBSI in Jakarta, Friday.

Entering the third day of the BWF Super 300 tournament, Gregoria’s game is now more mature and solid, armed with experience from the previous two European tournaments, namely the All England and the Swiss Open.

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Gregoria no longer loses focus easily when facing opponents who play tough, and can apply counter pressure even though at first she is in unfavorable conditions.

Like for example when facing Kim, who lost in the first game, then got counterattacked in the third game, but Gregoria was able to get up and be confident.

“In the first game I felt that I wasn’t playing as expected, but in the second game I was able to win and in the third game I was able to turn things around even though I was behind,” said the athlete from Wonogiri, Central Java.

Gregoria’s success in managing the tempo of the game and controlling her strokes made her record her fifth victory over Kim, as well as sweeping all the wins from all the meetings they have ever had.

“Overall, I found today’s match tense. The opponent actually implemented the right strategy by daring to attack first and limiting my attacks,” Gregoria added. (BETWEEN)

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