Google Money Disappears Rp. 817 T a Day, This is the Cause

Google Money Disappears Rp. 817 T a Day, This is the Cause

Jakarta, Reportase – Shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, plunged 4% earlier this week. This caused the search engine giant’s money to disappear at US$ 55 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 817 trillion.

The collapse of Google’s shares was due to the latest report from The New York Times which mentions Samsung intends to change the Search search engine to Microsoft Bing.

If this intention is realized, then Google will lose annual revenue of US $ 3 billion or around Rp. 44.5 trillion.

Google’s dominance is considered to be threatened because of Microsoft’s Bing which has embedded capabilities chatbots AI similar to ChatGPT made by OpenAI. In recent months, Microsoft Bing has reached 100 million daily active users for the first time.

Seeing the significant growth of Microsoft Bing, HP manufacturers began to look at the search engine. One that is reportedly considering switching options from Google is Samsung.

If Apple follows this trend, Google will lose annual revenue of US $ 20 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 297 trillion, quoted from MarketInsider, Tuesday (18/4/2023). Apple’s contract to Google will be renewed at the end of this year.

It is known, so far Google has monopolized search engine services with a market share of 90%. The emergence of ChatGPT at the end of last year then threatened Google’s position.

ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, is nothing but startups Microsoft funded. When successful, do not wait long for Microsoft to insert chatbots AI in the Bing search engine service.

Google did not remain silent. Reports say that the Mountain View company immediately formed a work unit of 160 people from designers, engineers, and executives, to brew the AI ​​inside Search.

Previously, Google already created Bard, ie chatbots sort of like ChatGPT. However, further efforts are needed to integrate chatbots it into the search engine.

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