Gold Price Translucent USD 2,000/oz, Miner’s Money Shining More and More?

Gold Price Translucent USD 2,000/oz, Miner's Money Shining More and More?

Jakarta, ReportaseDuring trading Monday (20/3/2023) at 14:26 WIB, the gold price managed to penetrate US$ 2,007.69 per troy ounce, up 1%.

BRMS Director, Herwin Hidayat said that there were 3 main factors that triggered the strengthening of gold prices, starting from global uncertainty due to the bankruptcies of global banks such as Silicon Valley Bank to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war which prompted the choice of gold as a safe haven.

How do miners see the direction of gold movement? and what is the impact on the performance of the gold sector? For more, watch Bramudya Prabowo’s dialogue with the Director PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS)Herwin Hidayat in Closing Bell,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 21/03/2023)

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