Generating Regional Progress, PMN Sulsel Holds Interactive Dialogue with Bone Youth

Generating Regional Progress, PMN Sulsel Holds Interactive Dialogue with Bone Youth – The Nusantara Student Youth (PMN) of South Sulawesi held a youth dialogue in Mattiro Walie Village, Libureng District, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi.

The activity was attended by dozens of youths and the community of Mattiro Walie Village, Libureng.

PMN Sulsel Regional Coordinator, Bayu said the purpose of holding this activity was to provide insight to youth regarding the important role of the younger generation in advancing the village.

“Not only that, another target of this activity is the formation of Karang Taruna (Mattiro Walie Village – ed),” said Bayu.

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Bayu explained that the presence of Karang Taruna has an important meaning as a place for young people to develop themselves.

“Through the young generation, of course, it can give birth to inspiration to develop the region in a better direction. This is because youth organizations can create independent youth who are creative and innovative,” he continued.

He hopes that the youth in Mattiro Walie Village are able to form and optimize youth organizations like Karang Taruna.

“One of them is by synergizing and collaborating with elements of the village government,” he added.

In this dialogue, PMN Sulsel also invites youth to continue to innovate and make a real contribution both to the region and nationally.

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The participants who attended seemed so enthusiastic about following the series of discussions until the end.

One of the participants named Sulham admitted that he really appreciated the holding of the event.

He said youth played an important role in realizing the welfare of the village community.

“We are very grateful to PMN Sulsel and the organizing committee for the discussion for their encouragement and enlightenment. Hopefully this will be a good opportunity for us Mattiro Walie Village youths to be more active in organizing,” he said.

At the end of the event, PMN Sulsel provided assistance to local youth in the form of a laptop.

The hope is that this assistance can help develop the potential and talents of young people in the village.

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