Garuda estimates that the number of Japanese-Indonesian travelers will increase by 30 percent

Garuda estimates that the number of Japanese-Indonesian travelers will increase by 30 percent

Tokyo (Reportase One) – National airline Garuda Indonesia estimates that the number of travelers from Japan to Indonesia and vice versa during this year’s Eid season could increase by 20-30 percent compared to the previous year.

“We hope it can increase by 20-30 percent,” said General Manager of Garuda Indonesia for the Japan Region Sony Sahlan when met in Tokyo, Friday.

Sony said that the forecast increase was triggered because conditions had improved after the pandemic and travel conditions had begun to be relaxed in both Japan and Indonesia.

To anticipate the increasing number of passengers, he said that his party had prepared a larger fleet that included more passengers, namely wide-body aircraft (widebody) Airbus-330 and Boeing-777.

“This seems like the first Eid since the pandemic, that’s why we are anticipating it. We prepare allocations seats (seats) more than usual to anticipate additional passengers,” he said.

Even though it is not as busy as homecoming in Indonesia, Sony said that there is still an increase in passenger movements during Eid from Japan to Indonesia, usually starting to be seen from H-7 to D+7 Eid al-Fitr.

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In addition, he added, Garuda is also preparing Eid packages in Jakarta as one of the programs to balance movements to various regions in Java.

This package also applies to passengers from Japan, especially Indonesian citizens (WNI) or overseas diaspora, including in Japan.

“We campaigns, we are making a special package for those in Japan for Indonesian diaspora friends who want to go home or go home to Jakarta. Later Garuda will prepare a discount or special package to fill in the festive atmosphere of Lebaran in Jakarta and also to support the current government program behind his return to Jakarta,” said Sony.

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He said the price discount could reach 15 percent, but it depended on seat availability.

Throughout 2022, Garuda recorded a jump in the number of passengers, namely 36,535 people, an increase of almost 200 percent from the number of passengers in 2021, namely 12,560 people.

The details are that in 2021, there will be 4,157 passengers on the Jakarta-Haneda route (GA 874) and the Haneda-Jakarta route (GA 875) with 8,493 passengers.

Meanwhile, throughout 2022, there will be 15,914 passengers on the Jakarta-Haneda route (GA 874) and 14,752 passengers on the Haneda-Jakarta route (GA 875).

In addition, the opening of the Narita-Denpasar PP route on November 1 2022 also contributed to an increase in the number of passengers that year, namely the Denpasar-Narita route (GA 880) with 3,050 passengers and the Narita-Denpasar route (GA 881) with 2,819 passengers.

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Reporter: Juwita Trisna Rahayu
Editor: M Razi Rahman


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