Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini Welcome Tight Competition at MotoGP Portugal 2023

Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini Welcome Tight Competition at MotoGP Portugal 2023 – Ducati Lenovo racers Francesco Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini welcomed tough competition between the two in the first round of MotoGP at Portugal’s Algarve International Circuit this weekend.

For Bagnaia, the presence of Bastianini as a teammate as well as his biggest rival this season is a fun challenge. The racer who is familiarly called Pecco also said that the relationship between the two as partners was very close, both on and off the track.

“We are both smart enough to understand that if we work well together within the team, then our performance can grow for the races later. Me and Enea, we have known each other for a long time, so our relationship off the track is also good,” said Pecco, quoted from the official MotoGP statement, Friday.

Furthermore, the Italian racer said that now the two of them with Ducati are preparing for the Portugal GP as best they can with practice and a few technical improvements to the motorbike.

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“For training, it’s important for both of us to improve (performance) together in order to have a better position in the race,” said the MotoGP world champion.

On the other hand, Bastianini said he was very excited to be able to navigate the 2023 season with the main Ducati and Pecco teams. Although he admits that Pecco is one of his toughest competitors, Bastianini does not deny that MotoGP this time is filled with very fast riders and teams.

“All the riders are very, very fast. For now I don’t know who my biggest rival is, but I think my first rival will be Pecco,” said the racer nicknamed “The Beast”.

“I have a lot for me to learn from him, especially at the start, to try and do something better.”

In addition, Bastianini said the Ducati Lenovo team had worked well throughout the test. He is also quite optimistic to carry out the Sprint round which will debut in MotoGP.

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“I think we have done well in the test, we are ready for the first race, and we have a new format with the Sprint on Saturday. I think it will be very different from a strategic point of view, but, nevertheless, it is something new for everyone So, we’ll see,” said Bastianini.


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