Enthusiastic in America, ChatGPT is Lonely in Indonesia

Enthusiastic in America, ChatGPT is Lonely in Indonesia

Jakarta, Reportase – ChatGPT does not appear to have registered as an electronic system operator (PSE). The Ministry of Communication and Information has also not determined whether the chatbot platform from OpenAI is required to report to it.

The Director General of Aptika of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan explained that the platform must register if it has paid services. His party also continues to carry out analysis, including related to traffic usage in the country.

“If he pays it is mandatory. Yesterday we sent letters. Yesterday we are still analyzing, how much traffic, how much it costs. There are six categories of PSE questions. If he enters, it means he must register,” explained Semuel when met at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics office, Jakarta, Thursday (13/4/2023).

The point is that Kominfo wants to understand ChatGPT first. Including the chatbot that suddenly became famous at the end of last year.

OpenAI, he said, would make visits to several countries, maybe including Indonesia. If it is true that he is returning to Indonesia, Semuel said he could summon the company to discuss the ChatGPT issue.

“By the way, he said he wanted to go to Indonesia. He wanted to travel the world. So maybe I can also call, we can chat. So we have to understand first. That’s the first thing we want to do. We want to understand first what it is,” said Semuel.

The use of ChatGPT in Indonesia is also still small. So according to him, the platform has not become a priority for the ministry.

“It’s still very small. There’s even a baseline. That’s why there was very little traffic here yesterday [di Indonesia]. So it’s not our priority yet,” he said.

Platforms operating in Indonesia are required to register, in accordance with the Regulations of the Minister of Communication and Information No. 5 of 2020 and its amendments through the Minister of Communication and Information No. 10 Year 2021.

The following 6 categories of PSE must register:

  1. Providing, managing and/or operating the offering and/or trading of goods and/or services;
  2. Provide, manage and/or operate financial transaction services;
  3. Sending paid material or digital content through data networks either by downloading via portals or websites, sending via electronic mail, or via other applications to user devices;
  4. Providing, managing and/or operating communication services including but not limited to short messages, voice calls, video calls, electronic mail, and online conversations in the form of digital platforms, networking services and social media;
  5. Search engine services, services for providing Electronic Information in the form of text, sound, images, animation, music, videos, films and games or a combination of part and/or all of them; and/or
  6. Processing of Personal Data for operational activities serving the public related to Electronic Transaction activities.

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