Elon Musk Suddenly Buys GPU, Twitter Opens Bitcoin Mine?

Elon Musk Suddenly Buys GPU, Twitter Opens Bitcoin Mine?

Jakarta, Reportase – Twitter is reportedly creating an in-house artificial intelligence project. The project comes about a month after Elon Musk hired several former DeepMind researchers.

According to Business Insider, Musk recently purchased 10,000 GPUs to use in one of the company’s two remaining data centers.

A source said that the purchase was Musk’s commitment to Twitter’s artificial intelligence (AI) project.

Especially given the fact there’s little reason for Twitter to spend big on a graphics card if there aren’t plans to use it to build AI work.

The project reportedly involves creating a generative AI that the company will train with Twitter’s massive data.

It’s unclear how Twitter will leverage the technology. But people familiar with generative AI say the technology could augment platform search functionality or help companies rebuild their advertising business.

It’s not clear what Musk’s reasons are for building AI on Twitter, but what’s odd is that Musk has become a vocal critic of OpenAI, the company that owns the famous chatbot ChatGPT.

To note, OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organization that Musk co-founded with other colleagues in 2015. profit.

However, a recent report from Semafor suggests Musk’s feud with OpenAI is more personal.

In 2018, Musk reportedly told Sam Altman, one of his co-founders at OpenAI, the lab was falling too far behind Google.

Musk then suggested that he should be the one to run the company, a proposal Altman and the other OpenAI founders rejected.

A power struggle led to Musk’s departure from OpenAI, although both sides publicly defended Musk leaving due to a conflict of interest involving Tesla.

At the time, OpenAI said the billionaire would continue to fund his research. However, according to Semafor, Musk’s payments stopped following his departure from the company.

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