Earthlings are predicted to meet aliens soon, when?

Earthlings are predicted to meet aliens soon, when?

Jakarta, Reportase – Until now, there have been many findings about aliens or other life beyond Earth. According to a researcher, humans will soon find aliens and get answers to a number of mysteries about this life.

For the record, the alien in question is not the green-eyed, black-eyed creature in the spaceship depicted today. However, this is regarding biosignatures.

This prediction was revealed by Sasha Hinkley, a professor at the University of Exeter and working for the James Webb Telescope. Since its launch, he and his team have collected more and more images of exoplanets every year.

“As a perspective there are about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. Since we now know from various space missions that most stars inhabit planets, this starts to give you an indication of how many exoplanets there could be in our galaxy,” he explained, quoted from Unilad, Wednesday (5/4/2023).

Hinkley added that outside the galaxy there are still 200 billion more galaxies. With each galaxy having hundreds of billions of stars with its own exoplanet.

With advances in technology, it is more likely to be able to detect alien life. In fact he targets in the next 20 years.

“Evidence for the discovery of life may be found by observing imbalances in the ratios of chemical species (eg, ozone and carbon dioxide) that would not exist naturally without possibly some form of biological activity driving the imbalance,” said Hinkley.

The search for other life questions will also continue. Even NASA and many researchers are increasingly studying life on other planets.

“Astrobiology, in particular, is a major focus today for NASA. It has recently even become a respected academic subdiscipline within astronomy,” said Hinkley.

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