Depok Metro Police have secured 367 brawl perpetrators

Depok Metro Police have secured 367 brawl perpetrators

“Of the 141 perpetrators who were secured, the average status was high school and vocational school students, and the rest were from junior high schools, ages ranging from 16 to 19 years,”

Depok (Reportase One) – The Depok Metro Police have succeeded in arresting 367 brawl perpetrators who are on average still students from March 23 to April 14, 2023.

Depok Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol H. Ahmad Fuady at the Depok Police Headquarters said Friday that hundreds of brawl perpetrators were arrested thanks to the synergy between the Depok Metro Police and the 0508/Depok District Military Command and the role of Pamswakarsa and Polri partners.

“Of the 141 perpetrators who were secured, the average status was high school and vocational school students, and the rest were junior high school students aged 16 to 19 years,” said Ahmad Fuady.

He said that based on the data collected, there were 63 brawls that occurred in 11 sub-districts in Depok City.

“There were 63 brawls, meaning that overnight there were 2 to 3 brawls, both those that were prevented and those that have occurred,” said Ahmad Fuady.

Ahmad Fuady said that the perpetrators of the brawls who were arrested were part of a gang or group.

“Thanks to the synergy of the TNI, Polri, Polres Metro Depok, and Kodim 0508/dpk, as well as the role of Pamswakarsa and police partners, we were able to prevent brawls that occurred or not, with a total of 367 perpetrators we have secured,” said Ahmad Fuady.

As for the pieces of evidence that were confiscated, there were dozens of blades of sharp weapons such as celurit, swords, samurai, machetes, scissors and golf clubs, as well as a sheath tied to be whipped filled with wire and stones.

He added that according to the orders of the Head of Polda Metro Jaya Inspector General Pol Karyoto, if in a fight someone is injured or even dies, the perpetrator can be dealt with strictly according to applicable law.

“It has become our commitment and the leadership will be processed according to applicable law. There are four cases that have been handled and further processes, namely one prison with 2 TSK at the Sukmajaya Police, the Cinere Police there are two prisons with two suspects, the Bojongsari Police has one prison with four suspects. ,” he added.

In order to prevent brawls in the Depok Metro Police area, together with elements of the Depok City Government, they continue to work together to create a conducive and solemn atmosphere during the month of Ramadan.

“We routinely carry out routine patrols to create conditions every day starting from noon and early morning before dawn at times prone to brawls and anticipating conventional 3C crimes (Curanmor, Curas, Curat) so as to make the Depok City area safe and conducive,” he said.

Meanwhile Deputy Mayor of Depok, Imam Budi Hartono said he would like to express his gratitude and at the same time create synergy with government law enforcement officials who have been working together to keep the situation in Depok City safe and conducive.

Reporter: Feru Lantara
Editor: Agus Setiawan


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