Daily mobility of renting an electric motorbike is more economical, here’s the explanation

Daily mobility of renting an electric motorbike is more economical, here's the explanation

Reportase.one-People in big cities are now starting to easily find electric motorbikes (molis) for rent. Typically, rented electric motorbikes are used as online motorcycle taxi fleets as a substitute for their conventional combustion engine vehicles.

In Jakarta and its surroundings, this is very common. Instead of using their own motorbikes, many online motorcycle taxi partners prefer to use rented electric motorbikes to support their work.

In addition, apart from the fleet, it is now possible for individuals to rent electric motorbikes if they need them for their daily mobility. As previously reported, now almost all electric motorbike brands not only offer sales, but also a rental system for those who still want to try.

Using a rented electric motorbike for daily mobility from home to office or just to shuttle children to school is also said to be more efficient when compared to using a conventional combustion engine motorbike.

Volta Chief Executive Officer Iwan Suryaputra said that the comparison of cost efficiency for rented electric motorbike users, especially online motorcycle taxi drivers, can be quite large with the same daily expenses compared to petrol bicycles. Iwan even confidently said that the comparison could be up to half.

“Electric motorbikes are farther away, the more efficient they are. That’s why it’s more reliable for online motorcycle taxi partners now. In terms of costs, it can be reduced by up to half,” said Iwan to Reportase.one on the sidelines of the announcement of Telkomsel’s collaboration with electric motor manufacturer Volta in Jakarta, Monday (20/3).

He himself gave an example with the average online motorcycle taxi driver using a class of 110 cc motorbikes such as the Honda Beat or the equivalent of a Volta electric motorbike. With the distance traveled by an ordinary motorbike, if the driver devours a distance of 150 km a day, it costs 60 thousand gasoline, with an electric motorbike rental, it can be more than half for the same distance.

“Online motorcycle taxis, for example, can cover 150 km of routes in a day, Rp. 60,000 for gasoline, while on Volta it’s only about 45,000 plus motorbike rental. That even the distance traveled could be further, “continued Iwan.

Another advantage of renting an electric motorbike for daily mobility is that we, renters or online motorcycle taxi partners don’t have to worry about maintenance or routine maintenance. Due to the rental system, all maintenance costs are borne by the fleet owner.

“Another advantage for tenants is that it is maintenance free. Because of the rental system, these ojol friends don’t have to bother with routine maintenance and so on. This is also a cost, change the oil, change this, change that,” said Iwan.

Finally, he gave an illustration, apart from daily costs, in the long term, renting an electric motorbike is also more economical. Iwan explained, Volta’s electric motorbikes generally only have as many as 330 components. While ordinary motorbikes in the same class, namely 110 cc, have more than 3,000 components.

“From these figures we can see the comparison for the cost of treatment. As long as the electric motor can still run, that’s it. It’s different from combustion engine motors, which have to change oil and so on, so it’s more economical,” he said.

Editor : Dinarsa Kurniawan

Reporter: Rian Alfianto

source: www.jawapos.com

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