Customer Negligence Is Still a Major Factor in the Rise of Data Theft

Customer Negligence Is Still a Major Factor in the Rise of Data Theft – Protection of personal data is still a hot issue to be discussed. A number of cases of data hacking or cyber crime are still occurring and affecting a number of large institutions in Indonesia, including one banking institution. Moreover, recently data breaches have also been rife due to negligence by customers who are unable to protect their banking data.

Banking is still the people’s choice to save their money. By saving money in the bank, the owner of the money becomes calmer and feels safe. However, it turns out that there are still cases when customers feel that they have lost their money, and their savings balance has decreased even though they have not withdrawn the money. This is in line with the public who are still less sensitive to the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.

In principle, all banking activities are overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia (BI). Thus, every banking service activity is definitely carried out carefully. However, customer data breaches still occur. Many factors become triggers, both from the banking system and from customers. However, so far the breach of customer data is generally caused more by the negligence of the customer himself.

As happened to Bank BTN customers recently which went viral on social media. The customer complained that his funds were lost in a savings account, allegedly because he could not maintain the confidentiality of his banking data. The customer also went berserk at a bank officer and mentioned the 8 month period. BTN also urges customers to maintain the confidentiality of personal data in the form of identities, passbooks, PINs and other personal data. This is to prevent things that can harm customers.

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Executive Director of the Segara Research Institute Piter Abdullah admitted that customer data breaches have so far been generally caused by customer negligence, especially in maintaining the confidentiality of personal data in the form of identities, passbooks, PINs and other personal data. According to him,
Indonesian people’s literacy is still low as one of the main factors causing high leakage of customer data. Of course this should be of particular concern to regulators.

“If you look further, it’s caused by misunderstanding, low financial literacy, and lack of awareness of the risk that they could lose their funds if they don’t carefully protect their own data. To overcome this, what must be continuously improved is education to increase literacy and aware of the risks,” said Piter.

On the other hand, he also reminded the public to be wiser and more careful in using social media, especially when it comes to banking, because it can trigger public distrust of banks. So it is feared that it could trigger a bank rush like what happened in foreign countries which has recently been in the world’s spotlight. If you have this, then the impact can be widespread, it can even cause a crisis.

“That is our joint obligation. Spreading negative news without knowing the problem can lead to the spread of hoaxes and can have legal implications. It’s better not to comment if you don’t understand the real problem. Saying the wrong thing, which can have a broad impact, can harm yourself and also the community at large,” said Peter.

Meanwhile, Banking Observer Paul Sutaryono added, the role of the OJK is very much needed in encouraging literacy, education and outreach to the Indonesian public regarding data confidentiality. Thus, the level of financial literacy of the community will be higher. These efforts will be able to reduce the potential risk of financial cases such as banks and other financial institutions that are vulnerable to data breaches.

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“OJK, as the champion of the financial services sector, should continue to provide education and outreach about finance. This can contain both honey (benefits) and poison (risk potential) of banking products and services,” added Paul.

However, this returns to the customers themselves. Customers must fully understand the risks that occur if they are negligent in using banking services.

“Don’t forget that customers or consumers must also continue to study and maintain the security of personal data related to banking products and services that they have. This data can be in the form of ATMs, savings books, account numbers, KTP numbers, names of biological mothers. All of this is very useful to prevent fraud. potential risk of fraud that can be detrimental to banks and customers,” he said.

Related to Bank BTN customer complaints that are viral on social media. Bank BTN Corporate Secretary Achmad Chaerul said that the customer’s problems were currently in the legal process for resolution. His party has reported this problem to law enforcement officials, for this reason the company hopes that customers can work together to resolve this problem.

According to Chaerul, Bank BTN ensures the security of all customer transactions by implementing Prudential Banking and Good Corporate Governance in accordance with statutory regulations. He also asked all parties to respect the ongoing legal process so that they could see the real facts. Bank BTN will always comply with the principles and comply with the law and comply with and carry out court decisions that have permanent legal force.

“We are committed to taking firm action against any violation of the law and will not protect any party who is proven to have violated the law,” he explained.


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