Completed 2022-23 League 1, Barito Putera Extends Contracts for 12 Players

Completed 2022-23 League 1, Barito Putera Extends Contracts for 12 Players, Jakarta – Barito Putera football club has officially extended the contracts of 12 players to face the League 1 competition next season after carrying out all the matches of the 2022-23 season.

“There are 12 players who have signed contracts, I only provide input, the rest we leave to coach Rahmad Darmawan (RD),” said PS Barito Putera CEO Hasnuryadi Sulaiman in Banjarbaru, Friday night.

Contract extensions for PS Barito Putera players vary, from two to four seasons.

Hasnuryadi said, his party always tries to provide guidance and produce players who can contribute to South Kalimantan.

He hopes PS Barito Putera can be consistent so that it can give pride to the people of Banua in South Kalimantan.

Apart from that, he continued, the contract extension for the 12 players was a joint decision, moreover they were young players coached by PS Barito Putera.

Hasnuryadi also wants his team to be able to provide more achievements, because this season the Barito Putera team is only in 15th place in the Indonesian League 1 standings with 38 points.

Meanwhile, Captain Barito Putera Bayu Pradana has extended his contract until December 2025.

“Thank you for the trust of PS Barito Putera in extending my contract, I want to bring Barito Putera to become a club with achievements,” said Bayu Pradana.

Barito Putera ended the Indonesian League 1 competition by beating Persita Tangerang at the Demang Lehman Stadium, Friday, April 14, 2023, with a narrow score of 1-0 through Gustavo Tocantins’ goal in the 20th minute.

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