Commissioner Secretly Buys PEHA Shares, What’s Up?

Commissioner Secretly Buys PEHA Shares, What's Up?

Jakarta, Reportase – Commissioner of the BUMN subsidiary in the pharmaceutical sector PT Phapros Tbk (PEHA) bought PEHA shares worth IDR 40 million.

Commissioner of PT Phapros Tbk Masrizal A. Syarief in the Disclosure of Information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) said that he bought shares in two transactions.

The first transaction was carried out on March 14, 2023. Masrizal bought 29,200 shares at Rp 685 per share. That way, he deposited 20.002 million in funds to the drug company.

Two days later or March 16, 2023, Masrizal bought 29,500 shares at a price of IDR 680 per share. So, in this transaction, it was recorded that Masrizal spent IDR 20.060 million for his investment.

In this way, the commissioner of the drug manufacturer, which has been established since 1954, booked the purchase of PT Phapros Tbk’s shares of IDR 40,062,000.

This figure while increasing the number of PEHA shares owned by Masrizal. It is known, before the transaction, Masrizal owned 84,930,750 shares or 10.11% of the total paid-up shares. After the purchase, Masrizal’s ownership increased to 84,989,450 shares or 10.12% of the total paid-up shares.

“The purpose of the transaction is to save shares and ownership status is direct,” said Masrizal in an official letter signed on March 17, 2023.

PT Phapros Tbk is a member of the BUMN pharmaceutical holding which is under PT Kimia Farma Tbk (KAEF). This company is engaged in the production of drugs, most of which are self-developed (non-licensed).

In the last week’s trading, PEHA shares decreased by -2.92%. The day after the buying action, PEHA fell to its lowest level at IDR 660 per share.

As of 14.34 today, Monday (20/3/2023), PEHA shares managed to climb to the level of Rp. 665 per share.

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