Commissioner Becomes a Suspect of Alleged Corruption BTS Kominfo, This is PT Solitechmedia Synergy’s Response

Commissioner Becomes a Suspect of Alleged Corruption BTS Kominfo, This is PT Solitechmedia Synergy's Response, JakartaPT Solitechmedia Synergy was also dragged into a case of alleged corruption in the Bakti 4G BTS project of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics or Kominfo. This was the result of the appointment of Irwan Hermawan, the commissioner of the company, as a suspect in the BTS Kominfo corruption case on 7 February 2023 by the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung). Communications Minister Johnny Gerard Plate was also questioned.

The head of the AGO’s Legal Information Center, Ketut Sumedana, said that Irwan was suspected of having entered into an evil conspiracy with Main Director of Bakti Kominfo Anang Achmad Latif. The evil conspiracy was allegedly carried out by conditioning the procurement of 4G BTS at Bakti Kominfo.

“The arrangement was made in such a way as to win certain companies in the tender for the 4G BTS packages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 projects,” said Ketut, February 7, 2023.

Not only that, Tempo who are members of the collaborative coverage of the Investigation Journalists Club (KJI) – which consists of NarasiTV, SCTV,,,, and – received information that Irwan was allegedly a close associate of the President Director of PT Mora Telematika Indonesia , Galumbang Menak Simanjuntak. The prosecutor’s office has also named Galumbang as a suspect.

The director of PT Solitechmedia Synergy, Ronald Abdi Nurhadi, acknowledged Irwan as a commissioner in his company. However, he denied that the BTS Kominfo corruption case that ensnared Irwan had any connection with his company. According to Ronald, PT Solitechmedia Synergy has no connection with the Bakti BTS project.

“Brother Irwan acted in his personal capacity and had nothing to do with PT Solitechmedia Synergy,” said Ronald.

The company has also asked Irwan to resign after being named a suspect. “The company sent a letter to the person concerned to immediately end his position as commissioner in the company,” said Ronald.

Ronald said his company had never been involved in procuring the Bakti Kominfo 4G BTS project. In fact, his party did not know about the existence of the auction. “Irwan’s actions are beyond the company’s responsibility,” he said.

Attorney Names 5 Suspects, Twice Examines Minister

In this alleged corruption case, the AGO has named suspects starting January 4, 2023. The suspects named at that time were Main Director of Bakti Kominfo, Anang Achmad Latif; President Director of PT Mora Telematics Indonesia, Galumbang Menak Simanjuntak; and Human Development Expert (HUDEV) University of Indonesia, Yohan Suryanto.

Then on January 24, 2023, the AGO also determined Account Director of Integrated Account Department PT Huawei Tech Investment, Mukti Ali, as a suspect. Finally, the Attorney General’s Office named the Commissioner of PT Solitech Media Sinergy, Irwan Hermawan, who was named a suspect on February 7, 2023

Although they have not named a new suspect, the AGO continues to examine a number of witnesses. Including examining the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny Plate.

Johnny Plate was examined as a witness by the Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday, 15 Wednesday 2023. He was examined regarding his capacity as Minister of Communication and Informatics and as a budget user (PA). A month earlier, Plate was also investigated for the same case on 14 February 2023.

However, after the second examination, Johnny Plate only said that he had given information that he knew and that he believed was true as a witness. Meanwhile, the substance of the matter and examination are the authority of the Attorney General’s Office.

“So with great regret, I beg that I cannot carry out questions and answers because this involves a long and unfinished legal process,” Plate said before leaving the Attorney General’s Office.

Plate then left the Attorney General’s Office at around 15.15 WIB. Not a word came out of his mouth. Although, the media crew chased him to the car and repeatedly asked questions about his readiness to become a suspect or to resign from his position as Minister of Communication and Informatics.

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