Chinese Taikonaut interacts with youth from SCO country

Chinese Taikonaut interacts with youth from SCO country

BEIJING (Reportase One) – Shenzhou-15 taikonauts aboard China’s orbiting Tiangong space station video chat online Thursday (20/4), with youths from China, India and the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) .

Young people from various countries asked the Shenzhou-15 crew questions on a number of topics, including their daily diet, leisure activities and how they coped with zero gravity on the space station.

Shenzhou-14’s crewmate Cai Xuzhe also joined the event from the main venue in Beijing. Cai Xuzhe shares stories about China’s space exploration.

The taikonauts encouraged young people interested in the space field to acquire rich and comprehensive knowledge and skills.

“I hope this event will sow seeds of love for the world of space,” said Cai.

Messenger: Xinhua
Editor: Fransiska Ninditya


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