China’s mahadata center posted an 8 billion yuan investment in Q1 2023

China's mahadata center posted an 8 billion yuan investment in Q1 2023

GUIYANG (Reportase One) – China’s Guizhou Province, the country’s main big data hub, completed an investment of more than 8.07 billion yuan (1 yuan = Rp. 2,127) or about 1.17 billion US dollars (1. = IDR 14,716) in the first quarter (Q1) of this year.

Of the total investment, about 1.5 billion yuan was used to funnel more computing resources from China’s eastern region to the country’s less developed but resource-rich western region, according to the Guizhou Province Mahadata Development Administration Bureau.

By the end of March 2023, 10 large data centers and eight ultra-large data centers have been built in Guizhou. In addition, the total server capacity (servers) in 18 data centers exceeded 2.25 million units.

Regarding information infrastructure, as of the end of March, Guizhou has added 2,362 5G base transceiver stations (BTS), increasing their number of 5G BTS to 87,000 and increasing their total optical cable length to more than 1.9 million kilometers.

This year, Guizhou plans to complete a 20 billion yuan project investment in their big data sector and launch more than 200 digital economy projects with strong growth potential, the bureau said.

Messenger: Xinhua
Editor: Hanni Sofia


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