Chess News: Aditya Bagus Arfan Wins Second IM Norm at the Grandmaster Vezerkepzo 2023 Chess Tournament in Hungary

Chess News: Aditya Bagus Arfan Wins Second IM Norm at the Grandmaster Vezerkepzo 2023 Chess Tournament in Hungary, Jakarta – FM Aditya Bagus Arfan, 16 years old from Indonesia won the Second IM Norma at the 2023 Vezerkepzo Grandmaster Chess Tournament. The tournament was held in Budapest, Hungary from 15 to 23 March 2023.

Aditya Bagus Arfan won after defeating FM Shubh Jayesh Laddha from the United States. In this round, Adit played the Scottish Mieses variation of chess.

According to the PB Percasi press release, Adit is in full control of the game. So that his rival, Shubh Jayesh lost in the 32nd step.

Adit became the Second IM Norm after previously winning his First IM at the Bangkok Open 2022. In this tournament, Adit even received an additional rating of 22.4 points.

Overall Adit recorded four wins, three draws and two defeats. The points gain is the same as the second place IM Vuppala Prraneeth and IM Shete Sammed from India.

The course of the Adit vs Shubh match turned out to be according to the preparations. Adit plays the Mieses variation in the Scottish opening which is quite deep in the theory books. And, Adit has often played it and quite understands it. Until Step 17 the party went like GM Parimarjan Negi vs GM Sriram Jha in 2011.

At Step 18 Adit even found a continuation 18. Mh4 which is even better than what GM Super Negi played (2631). Adit completely controlled the game until Shubh gave up on the 32nd move.

This result is Adit’s second IM Norm after previously at the Bangkok Open 2022 he won his first IM Norm.

Aditya Bagus Arfan’s victory at the Vezerkepzo 2023 Grandmaster Tournament took him to the Sixdays Tournament. The third tournament will be held from 24 to 29 March 2023. It is planned that after participating in the Sixdays Tournament, Adit will return to Jakarta.

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