Break Fasting Safely Covid, Hear Epidemiologist’s Message!

Break Fasting Safely Covid, Hear Epidemiologist's Message!

Jakarta, Reportase – This year’s fasting month is the first time since the Covid-19 case began to decline and mobility is gradually returning to normal. However, it should be realized that the virus is still there and has not completely disappeared, so you still need to be careful about carrying out joint activities such as iftar or sahur.

Epidemiologist, Dicky Budiman explained that the risk is indeed getting lower. But not without risk or 0 risk.

He explained that people need to have the ability to assess their own risks. For example regarding when to put on and take off a mask.

“So this, of course, depends on several factors, the internal person. If the internal is a comorbid, it doesn’t matter what age, the elderly category. In Australia, the majority I see are still wearing masks,” said Dicky who is also a researcher at the Global Health Security Policy Center for Environmental and Population Health Griffith University, Australia, to ReportaseMonday (27/3/2023).

In addition, what needs to be noted are those with comorbidities, such as diabetes or impaired immunity. People in this category need to be careful because they never know whether their surroundings carry the virus or not.

The vaccine factor must also be a record for carrying out joint activities. In the context of Covid, Dicky explained that he had to get a booster dose.

Apart from the elderly and comorbidities, it is necessary to pay attention to children and also pregnant women. Another risk is those who work with many people, such as health workers and public servants.

“For the elderly, it’s enough with the closest person who knows that we know that everything is booster and not in a sick condition. Open together, it’s better to order online, at home. If in a restaurant, look for one that is at least semi-open. If it’s not crowded inside,” he said.

Dicky added that currently the risk is no longer talking about death or severity. But related to long Covid which can reduce the quality of health.

“Very detrimental. This must be understood. One more time self risk assessment,” said Dick.

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