Bos Harita’s assets increase by IDR 57 trillion, becoming RI’s 6th richest person

Bos Harita's assets increase by IDR 57 trillion, becoming RI's 6th richest person

Jakarta, Reportase – The richest and oldest conglomerate in Indonesia, Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwono, experienced a drastic increase in wealth ahead of the initial listing of shares (IPO) of one of his business units in the Harita Group.

According to data from Forbes Real Time Billionaire on Friday (24/3/2023), Lim Hariyanto now has a net worth of US$4.9 billion or the equivalent of Rp.73.5 trillion. His assets were recorded to have increased by 0.45% or IDR 333.8 billion overnight.

The increase in his wealth over the last year is also no joke. In 2022, Lim’s wealth is only around US$1.1 billion or Rp.16.50 trillion. Thanks to this, Lim managed to rise to the rank of the sixth richest person in Indonesia, competing with petrochemical tycoon Prajogo Pangestu.

Lim’s wealth is moving positively in the midst of the recent IPO issue of a nickel business unit owned by the Harita Group. It is known, PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk. or TBP (NCKL) released 12.09 billion of its shares or the equivalent of 18% of the company’s issued and paid-up capital to the public with a nominal value of each share of IDR 100 per share.

NCKL’s IPO is predicted to be the biggest IPO this year. This is because TBP is targeting an initial public offering (IPO) of up to US$ 600 million or around Rp 9.3 trillion.

In addition to the nickel business, Lim Hariyanto also derives his wealth from a majority shareholding in a Singapore-listed palm oil producer, Bumitama Agri, where his plantation operates in Indonesia.

In addition, this 94-year-old man also owns the majority of the bauxite mining companies registered in Indonesia, namely PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk (CITA).

It didn’t stop there, Lim’s business octopus spread to his son. Of his seven children, one of his sons, namely Lim Gunawan Hariyanto, is the CEO of Bumitama Agri, while one of his daughters, namely Christina, is the president commissioner of a securities company, Harita Kencana Sekuritas.

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