BNPT inaugurated the first NKRI Warung in Bali to counter radicalism

BNPT inaugurated the first NKRI Warung in Bali to counter radicalism

Badung (Reportase One) – The National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) has inaugurated Forum for Collaborating with Conscience to Promote the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (Warung NKRI) first in Bali, Wednesday, as a way to prevent the spread of radicalism and terrorism.

Head of BNPT Komjen Pol. Boy Rafli Amar explained after the inauguration of the NKRI Warung in Jimbaran, Badung, Bali NKRI shop It is hoped that this, which is one of the BNPT programs, will become a space and forum for the community to discuss and spread national narratives that can be opposed to radical and intolerant narratives.

“This is dangerous if we have a deficit (lack of, red) public space that speaks of national values. We from BNPT provide one solution so that many national narratives are discussed in many public spaces,” said Boy Rafli.

He conveyed that the BNPT deliberately chose the designation roadside stall because people from various groups can mingle and gather casually at the place while eating and drinking, as well as shopping for products from small, micro and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“(National narratives) can directly enter the wider community,” said Boy Rafli.

Therefore, he hoped NKRI shop in Bali can continue to grow, especially in other regencies/cities outside Badung.

“Hopefully, Warung NKRI will also exist on campuses, for example at Udayana University, or other regencies outside Badung,” he said.

BNPT initiated the program NKRI shop since late 2021. In just over a year, there have been 25 NKRI shop scattered in various regions in Indonesia, and specifically NKRI shop in Jimbaran, Bali, is the 25th NKRI Warung that was inaugurated by the BNPT.

“The concept of warung was deliberately chosen, because it is grounded, the national narrative is not only discussed in elite rooms, but also in stalls (which are close to the community, ed.),” said the Head of the BNPT in his remarks.

Boy Rafli explained that there are two types NKRI shopthe first, which was deliberately built with the name NKRI shopwhile the second NKRI shop BNPT cooperates with stalls or coffee shops that have been established.

In Bali, Warung NKRI works with franchises ready-to-eat fried chicken Gogo Fried Chicken. However, at the fried chicken shop, there is also a coffee shop selling tea and coffee with the logo NKRI Warung BNPT.

Boy Rafli conveyed the tea and coffee sold at NKRI shop also contains a national narrative because tea that special logo stands for tolerance, empathy, and harmonytemporary coffee is an abbreviation of harmony medicine unity of Indonesia.

“Tea and coffee are the main menu,” he said.

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Herald: Genta Tenri Mawangi
Editor: Laode Masrafi


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