BNI Boosts Export Credit Growth

BNI Boosts Export Credit Growth

BUSINESS INFO – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI proactively strengthens export-oriented credit distribution. Through BNI Xpora, loan distribution is aimed at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to increase business capacity. It is known that in 2022, the export-oriented loan portfolio for MSMEs and Commercial will reach IDR 26.7 trillion, growing 39.7 percent on an annual basis.

BNI, said BNI Main Director Royke Tumilaar, is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) bank that is assigned not only to strengthen MSMEs, but also to encourage and support them to be able to take advantage of global market potential.

So far, BNI has actively supported increasing access to finance for MSMEs from cities to villages, from rice fields to forests and even at the global level. One of them through cluster financing adjusted to the business potential of each region.

“Of course this year we will continue to strengthen exports. We hope this can help the government’s efforts to continue the positive trend of economic growth in the endemic transition period,” said Royke.

According to Royke, the focus of BNI’s cluster financing is currently on the agricultural sector where the growth of debtors financed in this sector is on average above 10 percent.

In order to strengthen MSMEs to enter the global market, BNI has also carried out several programs including increasing the capability of Credit Processing Human Resources (HR) through thematic training tailored to regional potential.

In addition, encouraging upstream to downstream integration to create a financing ecosystem, especially in the agricultural sector, such as cooperation with the Holding Company Pupuk Indonesia (Pupuk Indonesia) to ensure the availability of fertilizers, with agricultural startups to support more modern cultivation processes, and working with companies offtaker to expand market access.

“Also expanding financial inclusion through the existence of Agen46 as an extension of BNI outlets to reach a wider community,” said Royke.

BNI, he continued, also provides business matching and introductions between domestic suppliers and overseas buyers, taking advantage of the Overseas Branch and Diaspora connections with 116 business matching events held to date.

On the other hand, BNI conducted more than 40 Xpora training and socialization programs for both internal BNI and MSMEs to strengthen the knowledge and skills of employees and MSMEs.

“BNI continues to be active in efforts to encourage MSMEs to develop and go global as BNI’s commitment to become agent of development government,” said Royke.


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