BMKG: The M6.9 Earthquake Shaking Java, Bali, NTB Today is Not Destructive

BMKG: The M6.9 Earthquake Shaking Java, Bali, NTB Today is Not Destructive, Jakarta – BMKG has recorded earthquake the aftershock of the M6.9 earthquake that occurred from the sea off the north coast of Java, Friday April 14 2023. The aftershocks included a magnitude of M5.5.

If the main earthquake occurred at 16.55 WIB with its center 65 kilometers northwest of Tuban, the aftershock was at 17.37 with its center 85 kilometers northeast of Bangkalan. Its depth is equivalent to the main one 643 kilometers and the secondary 600 kilometers.

“There was a deep earthquake in the Java Sea,” said the Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center, Daryono, about the earthquakes that occurred. He pointed at the trigger deformation activity slab pull on the Indo-Australian plate which is subducted under the Java Sea.

Because the source is so deep, Daryono explained, the impact of the shaking from the main earthquake was felt very broadly. “All of Java, Bali, to NTB,” said Daryono.

BMKG data mentions that the strongest shock was measured in Kuta, Bali, on the V MMI scale. On a weaker scale, the earthquake also rocked many other areas in NTB, East Java to Banten

Even so, Daryono added, it should be grateful that the Deep Focus earthquake was not destructive. “Only the shaking hit a wide area and there long period vibration so that tall buildings are affected by ‘swing’,” he said again.

That’s what according to him makes people panic or worry about the earthquake.

Daryono’s statement was corroborated by a report from East Java. The earthquake was felt in almost all areas in the province.

“The vibrations were felt by several people, light objects hanging in the house wobbled. There was a vibration as if a truck was passing,” said the East Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) chief, Gatot Soebroto, as quoted from Between.

Gatot was also grateful that there were no casualties in the earthquake. Gatot revealed that he was coordinating with the local BPBD to collect data related to the damage caused by the earthquake.

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