Belu-NTT Police Arrest East Timorese Foreigners Entering Indonesia Illegally

Belu-NTT Police Arrest East Timorese Foreigners Entering Indonesia Illegally

Kupang (Reportase One) – Police at the Belu Police, East Nusa Tenggara Regional Police arrested three women and one child of East Timorese citizenship who entered Indonesia and carried out activities in Atambua City, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara illegally without carrying immigration documents.

Belu Police Chief, AKBP Yosep Krisbiyanto told Reportase One from Atambua, Wednesday afternoon, said the four people were Filomena Pinto (47), Magdalena Ola (41), Glermina Pereira (43) and Manuel Fernandez, a 12-year-old boy.

“They were arrested while shopping at a shopping center in Atambua City,” he said.

The arrest of the three women and a child began with information from the East Tasifeto Police Intelligence Unit, Bripka Muhammad Anas, about a public transport car that departed from Mota Ain Village, Tasifeto Timur District to Atambua City, transporting East Timorese citizens who were not accompanied by documents. official.

Based on this information, the Kam Sat Intelkam Unit together with the East Tasifeto Police Intelligence Unit immediately conducted an investigation by following the direction of the car around the city of Atambua.

“So at around 1:15 p.m., Kanit Kam, Aipda Lucky together with the East Tasifeto Police Intelligence Unit followed the green microbus which was suspected of transporting Timor Leste citizens who entered our territory illegally,” he added.

After being followed, the vehicle stopped at a market in Atambua and continued on to a shopping center in the border area.

After being arrested, they were questioned and the results of the investigation found that the four residents from Palaka and Batugede Distric Bobonaro, Timor Leste admitted that they entered Indonesia via the coast of Mota Ain, with the aim of shopping for merchandise to be resold to Timor Leste.

“They entered Atambua since April 10 at around 7:00 WITA and stayed at the family’s house in Mota Ain,” he said.

After being secured by members of the police, the four East Timorese were then taken to the TPI Atambua Immigration class II because it had become the authority of the Atambua Immigration.

“That same day, we handed over the four East Timorese citizens to Class II Immigration at TPI Atambua who were received by the Head of the Immigration Intelligence Subsection Silvester Donna Making,” he said.

The four of them, he added, were handed over to undergo a process in accordance with the immigration law which was marked by the minutes of the handover of the foreign nationals,” he said.

“We handed over the four foreign nationals in a safe and sound condition after going through a re-examination process by the Immigration Service. Hopefully, the concerned persons will be deported back to their country as soon as possible and we hope that in the future there will be no more citizens who are determined to cross illegally into us. there is a need, preferably through official channels so that it does not become a problem for himself,” he said.

Reporter: Kornelis Kaha
Editor: Edy M Jacob


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