Bank BTN Targeted by DPR in Case of Angry Customers on Tiktok

Bank BTN Targeted by DPR in Case of Angry Customers on Tiktok

Jakarta, Reportase – Commission VI of the Republic of Indonesia House of Representatives highlights the viral video of a customer of PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk. (BBTN) or BTN who are angry because the money is gone.The customer is a woman whose money is missing in her savings account of IDR 500 million. It’s been 8 months since he reported this problem, but the money has not come back.

“Today BTN is very famous in the sense that it’s not positive, sir. If you look at TikTok, there are a lot of people talking about BTN. How can women complain about Rp. 500 million? She has been complaining to BTN for eight months, but she has not received a response,” said Member of Commission VI of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, Mufti Anam during a hearing. opinion (RDP) with himbara, Tuesday (28/3/2023).

“We hope that nothing is covered up here. Although I have seen statements in various media that BTN has taken legal action because there were suspicious transactions from there,” he explained.

Mufti hopes that BTN can solve this problem without using the ITE Law but instead creating a new strategy to overcome similar problems. The reason is, several customer problems often occurred in previous years.

In response to this, the Main Director of BTN Nixon, LP Napitupulu, confirmed this problem. This problem went viral two days after he took over as managing director.

“There is viral news, the first fortune to be dealt with. We have dealt with this,” said Nixon.

He said that this problem was handled within a week after he took over as the main director. Besides that,his party has also prepared a backup for this problem.

He also confirmed that it had been 8 months since the customer report, but there had been no settlement. Nixon also said that there were a number of irregularities in this matter.

“One, the figures they convey change every day. First Rp. 7 billion, Rp. 16 billion, Rp. 19 billion, Rp. 25 billion, back again to Rp. 8 billion, it keeps changing,” said Nixon. Carry passbooks, ATM cards, and so on. He said that his party had checked and there was no such transaction.

“So we are dealing with this again. Incidentally the officer [yang terlapor] also retired. So we meet the person concerned [nasabah] also do not want. So there are indeed technical difficulties. [Nasabah] the one who makes it viral every time it is found with our officers doesn’t want it. They also don’t want to offer it to law enforcement,” Nixon said.

Therefore, it was BTN who finally reported it to the law enforcement agencies. Nixon admitted that the accused was a former BTN employee.

As is known, recentlyviral on social media a woman who is angry that her money has disappeared and it has been eight months since reporting but there has been no significant action from BTN. The video went viral onthe second day after the BTN General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), last Thursday (16/3/2023).

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