Bali-Palembang Warning, Analog TV Broadcasts Off This Weekend

Bali-Palembang Warning, Analog TV Broadcasts Off This Weekend

Jakarta, Reportase – Later this month, it will be Bali and South Sumatra’s turn to turn off analog broadcasts and switch to digital. Until the beginning of this week, almost 90% of Set-Top-Box distribution had been given to poor families.

“Bali’s position is 88%, only 2% left, God willing, it will be finished by Friday [31 Maret 2023]. Specifically for Palembang, 92%,” said the Broadcasting Director of the Directorate General of Post and Information Administration (Ditjen PPI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Geryantika Kurnia, when met at the Office of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Jakarta, Monday (27/3/2023).

The next areas targeted for the implementation of the Analog Switch Off are Medan and Makassar. Gery explained that so far the two regions have only distributed 30% of STB to the poor.

He expects ASO in the two regions to be completed in May. “When do we want to collaborate with the private sector. The hope is in May,” he said.

In the Analog Switch Off program, the government together with multiplexing operators distribute free STB to poor households. Approximately 5.6 million units are needed with the distribution of assistance from multiplexing organizers of 4.3 million and the government 1.3 million units.

Based on the data obtained Reportase, the multiplexing organizer distributes around 300 thousand or 7.3% of the initial commitment. While the government has provided 1.219 million units or 99.4%.

Asked about the small size of this distribution, Gery explained that at the same time the private TV stations were making other efforts so that people could switch to digital broadcasts independently. You do this by organizing killer content, such as sports matches or other events that interest the public.

“They feel strategic killer content succeed. The proof is that 71% in the designated areas have purchased STBs. But the government still bills those who have STB commitments,” he said.

Regarding when Indonesia will be able to have full digital broadcasts, Gery hopes that it will be as soon as possible, namely before Indonesia’s independence day on August 17.

Gery said the plan was to provide a deadline for completing the STB distribution. But he has not detailed about the plan.

“I hope that before August 17, we will be proud as a prize for independence, we have declared it. We will give the STB deadline to be completed,” he said.

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