Avoid Serious Injury, Gregoria Mariska Surrenders from the Orleans Masters

Avoid Serious Injury, Gregoria Mariska Surrenders from the Orleans Masters – PBSI Pelatnas women’s singles coach Herli Djaenudin announced that Gregoria Mariska Tunjung withdrew from the 2023 Orleans Masters event to avoid further injury, Monday (3/4/2023).

After winning the Spain Masters 2023 on Sunday, Gregoria Mariska Tunjung is scheduled to continue her European tour at the Orleans Masters in France from April 4-9. However, the condition of his feet that made it impossible for the coaching team to decide to withdraw the athlete’s participation.

Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, winner of the 2023 Spain Masters in women’s singles (

“We are afraid and worried that if we force it it could actually lead to a more serious injury. It is better to rest and be treated by a doctor first. This is also to prepare for the next match, such as the Asian Championships in Dubai,” Herli said in an official statement from PP PBSI in Jakarta.

Herli sees that Gregoria’s condition since competing in Madrid, Spain has only gotten worse. This was known from Gregoria’s confession, which said that her right hamstring and waist had started to ache.

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However, he appreciates the hard work of his team so that he can win a title for Indonesia from the 2023 Spain Masters.

“Gregoria’s performance while in Madrid is getting better day by day. She’s also getting calmer and more confident, even though her condition is not good, both in terms of health and physical condition because she has to take part in three tournaments in a row. But the desire not to lose is very strong. extraordinary,” said Herli as published by ANTARA.

Previously, Gregoria said that the pain in her right thigh began to be felt during the Spain Masters tournament. Even though she felt something was wrong, Gregoria continued to work hard and maintain her focus to get through every match in the BWF Super 300 category tournament.

“It takes a lot of effort from match to match. I had a cold at the Swiss Open, and at the Spain Masters my thighs started to tighten, as if they were being pulled. But I try to focus on thinking about one thing at a time,” Gregoria explained.

But her efforts paid off by winning the title from the Spain Masters after defeating second seed Pusarla V. Sindhu in two straight games.

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Previously, Gregoria also made a surprise by defeating the host representative Carolina Marin in the semifinals. Marin has a stunning record of achievements such as being a three-time world champion and a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


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