Atlantic: US cannot fix gun violence problem

Atlantic: US cannot fix gun violence problem

New York (Reportase One) – All of the deadliest mass killings in the United States since 9/11 have one thing in common: the perpetrators in each case used assault-style weapons or firearms equipped with high-capacity magazines, media reports said. AS The Atlantic on Wednesday (12/4).

Similar cases occurred on Monday (10/4), in a shooting incident at a bank in Kentucky that killed five people, and in a recent shooting at an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, which killed six people, including three children aged 9 years, said the report.

“Still, states have failed to adopt the necessary policies to prevent these weapons from being accessible to those who would abuse them,” according to the report. “On a very real level, mass shootings are a serious and worsening problem that weighs heavily on society.”

“However, this issue also reveals something else: national shame highlighting the inability of the American political system to adopt popular public policy strategies that together could substantially reduce the prevalence and destruction rates of these events,” the report continued.

The gun lobby is challenging every major gun safety law across the United States, in the belief that Republicans on the Supreme Court will protect the right to sell lethal weapons to as many Americans as possible, the report added, Xinhua said.

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