Apple Boss Leaves Piercing Message to RI Citizens iPhone Owners

Apple Boss Leaves Piercing Message to RI Citizens iPhone Owners

Jakarta, Reportase – Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is quite skeptical of technological developments, especially if they make people addicted.

This was conveyed in an interview with GQ. Cook was asked for comments by journalists about the tendency of modern society to constantly look at cellphone screens and affect their mental state.

“My philosophy is, if you look at a screen longer than you meet human eyes, something is wrong with you,” Cook said in the interview, quoted on Wednesday (12/4/2023).

Furthermore, he reminded again that the iPhone has a ‘Screen Time’ feature which can show the duration of the user trying the cellphone. He said the feature was deliberately made so that users are aware of whether their relationship with HP is still within normal limits or is already dangerous.

“I am very disciplined in checking Screen Time reports to see if I am too long in front of my cellphone,” he said.

For generations who were not born in the digital era, maybe letting go of their cellphone addiction is easier. However, for the generation that was born and immediately acquainted with the digital world, of course this is more difficult.

This is because the boundaries between the digital world and the real world seem thinner because almost all interactions and information searches are done online.

This was also recognized by Cook. “Children are now born in the digital age. I think it is important to set clear boundaries for them,” he said.

Cook said that the main essence of technology is to help people do what they could not do before. In addition, learn things that were previously inaccessible.

“The role of technology is limited to that. It’s a shame if people spend too much time than they should in front of HP,” he concluded.

Indonesian citizens are addicted to screens

Indonesia is the country most addicted to staring at cellphone screens. This is known from the research firm’s report titled “State of Mobile 2023”.

The report reveals that Indonesia is the highest user who spends more than 5 hours every day using mobile devices (cell phones and tablets).

Indonesian people spend an average of 5.7 hours each day staring at cellphone screens throughout 2022. This figure has increased sharply from the average cellphone play duration of 5.4 hours per day in 2021.

Indonesians’ addiction to cellphones has increased sharply since the pandemic period in 2020. The report shows that the length of time Indonesians use cellphones is 5 hours a day for the first time. Compared to 2019, the figure is only 3.9 hours a day or 1.1 hours shorter.

Not only Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and South Korea exceeded 5 hours per day on mobile throughout 2022.

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