Antam Makes IDR 3.82 Trillion Profit in 2022, Up 105 Percent

Antam Makes IDR 3.82 Trillion Profit in 2022, Up 105 Percent – During 2022 Antam managed to record positive growth in operational and financial performance. This growth achievement was supported by ANTAM’s efforts to optimize production and sales of nickel, gold and bauxite-based main commodities amidst global economic recovery conditions and a positive outlook for base metal and precious metal commodities throughout 2022.

“The achievement of this positive performance is also inseparable from ANTAM’s commitment to prioritizing Occupational Safety and Health (K3) which is reflected in the achievement of zero fatality in 2022,” said Antam’s Main Director, Nico Kanter, written Thursday (6/4/2023).

ANTAM recorded a profit for the year 2022 of IDR 3.82 trillion, a significant growth of 105% compared to the profit for the year 2021 of IDR 1.86 trillion.

“This shows ANTAM’s performance in maintaining continuity of production and sales at an optimal level amidst the existing global conditions,” he said.

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Throughout 2022, ANTAM recorded a net sales value of IDR 45.93 trillion with the dominant contribution coming from domestic net sales of IDR 36.58 trillion or the equivalent of 80% of ANTAM’s total net sales in 2022.

ANTAM strengthened its customer base in the country, especially the marketing of gold, nickel ore and bauxite products amid a positive appreciation of growth in absorption of domestic base and precious metal commodities supported by positive strengthening of commodity prices.

As a member of the MIND ID Mining Industry Holding, ANTAM continues to innovate in running the business with a focus on increasing product added value, optimizing production and sales levels, as well as implementing appropriate and efficient cost management strategies, in maximizing returns from nickel, gold and bauxite.

“Continuing the positive performance achievements in 2022, this year ANTAM is again targeting positive performance. ANTAM continues to optimize operating performance in all core commodities by implementing good mining practices and excellent operations,” said Nico.

In the gold commodity, ANTAM is targeting gold production from the Pongkor gold mine of 1,167 kg, an increase of 28% from the 2022 gold production target of 911 kg. Meanwhile, gold sales in 2023 are targeted to reach 31,176 kg, an increase of 11% from the 2022 gold sales target of 28,011 kg.

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“The gold sales target is in line with the outlook for growth in domestic demand for gold,” he said.

In 2023, the silver metal production target is planned to be 7,536 kg, an increase of 13% from the 2022 silver production target of 6,643 kg. Meanwhile, the silver sales target is 9,810 kg, an increase of 14% from the 2022 silver sales target of 8,643 kg.

In the nickel segment, ANTAM is targeting positive performance for both nickel ore and ferronickel commodities. For nickel ore commodities, in 2023 ANTAM is targeting total production of nickel ore which is used as raw material for ANTAM’s ferronickel factory and sales to domestic customers of 11.30 million wet metric tons (wmt), growing 31% from the achievement of nickel ore production in 2022 of 8.62 million wmt.

Nickel ore sales are targeted to reach 9.45 million wmt, growing 36% from the achievement of nickel ore sales in 2022 of 6.95 million wmt. The nickel ore sales target is in line with the outlook for the growth of the domestic nickel processing industry.

In the ferronickel commodity, ANTAM is targeting production and sales volumes in 2023 of 27,201 tons of nickel in ferronickel (TNi) respectively. The ferronickel production and sales target grows 12% respectively from the 2022 ferronickel production achievement of 24,334 TNi and sales achievement of 24,210 TNi.

The ferronickel production and sales targets set also take into account the utilization rate and operational stability of ANTAM’s ferronickel plant in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi as well as production contribution from ANTAM’s ferronickel plant in East Halmahera, North Maluku which will operate in the second half of 2023.

For the bauxite ore commodity, ANTAM is targeting a production volume of 2 million wet metric tons (wmt) in 2023 in accordance with the level of bauxite demand for the Tayan Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) factory and projected sales of bauxite ore to third party customers. This production target grows by around 21% compared to the achievement of bauxite ore production in 2022 of 1.65 million wmt.
Regarding bauxite ore sales, the Company targets sales of 1.58 million wmt, an increase of 27% compared to the 2022 achievement of bauxite ore sales of 1.24 million wmt.

In line with ANTAM’s strategy of optimizing the operations of the Tayan CGA plant and increasing the sales volume of alumina products, in 2023 the Company through its Subsidiary, PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina (PT ICA), targets alumina production and sales levels of 131 thousand wmt each, growing 4% from the 2022 target of alumina production and sales of 126 thousand wmt each. Alumina production in 2022 will reach 120% and alumina sales will reach 114% of the 2022 target.


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