An odd transaction of IDR 349 ​​T, Sri Mulyani: Only IDR 3.3 T related to Ministry of Finance Employees

An odd transaction of IDR 349 ​​T, Sri Mulyani: Only IDR 3.3 T related to Ministry of Finance Employees, Jakarta – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained that of the suspicious transactions worth IDR 349 ​​trillion, only IDR 3.3 trillion were related to employees of the Ministry of Finance. “And that’s what I said, it’s been followed up,” he said after a working meeting with Commission XI at the DPR building, Central Jakarta, on Monday, March 27, 2023.

According to him, if there is something related to elements from the Ministry of Finance, his party has taken corrective steps against 193 of its employees. “If there is a transaction which is then related to fraud and then there is an indication of a crime, we will then convey it to law enforcement officials,” said Sri Mulyani.

He detailed, it turns out that out of the Rp. 349 trillion, the first 100 letters were PPATK letters to other law enforcement officials, not the Ministry of Finance. According to him, the 100 letters from PPATK to other law enforcement officers involved transactions of IDR 74 trillion for the 2009-2023 period.

In addition, Rp 253 trillion was written in 65 letters which were company data from operational-corporate-credit debit transactions that had nothing to do with Ministry of Finance employees. “This has been reported with the tax and customs functions, especially the largest at Rp. 253 trillion, the largest at Rp. 189 trillion in one letter is very large, so we will see what it is,” said Sri Mulyani.

According to Sri Mulyani, those who are really related to the Ministry of Finance and regarding the duties and functions of the Ministry of Finance’s employees are 135 letters worth IDR 22 trillion. In fact, Sri Mulyani said, the Rp. 18.7 trillion also involved corporate transactions that had nothing to do with the Ministry of Finance.

“So what will really be in contact with Ministry of Finance employees is Rp. 3.3 trillion, this is from 2009 to 2023, 15 years for all debit and credit transactions of employees who are inquired, including official income, transactions with family, buying and selling of assets, buying and selling of houses. ,” he said.

Even so, Sri Mulyani said, for the 2009-2023 period the application data to carry out a fit and proper test or the Position and Rank Consideration Agency Team (BAPERJAKAT) was looking for data on an employee.

“Ask for data from our employee X, so we can get transactions from that employee. So yes, it has nothing to do with crime or corruption but for profiling the risk of our employees,” said Sri Mulyani.

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