Ahead of the Inauguration of PYCH, Papuan Youths Hold a Carnival with Indonesian Cultural Themes

Ahead of the Inauguration of PYCH, Papuan Youths Hold a Carnival with Indonesian Cultural Themes

Reportase.one – Hundreds of young people took part in the carnival activities held in connection with the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building in Abepura, Jayapura, Papua.

The carnival which takes place on Saturday, March 18 2023, carries the theme of Indonesian culture. Many of them wore traditional clothes from various provinces in Indonesia.

PYCH Carnival Coordinator, Dave Marcelino Kubiari said, this theme was taken to introduce young Papuans to the cultures of various provinces in Indonesia.

“The national clothes are from 31 provinces in Indonesia, they bring them at the same time they are introduced to how many and what culture, then what kind of Indonesian clothes are. This is our event to introduce our culture in Indonesia,” he said.

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Apart from traditional clothes from various regions in Indonesia, the carnival also featured costumes from designers at PYCH. Each of their costumes takes the theme of natural and cultural wealth in Papua.

There were also drum band performances, paskibra and traditional Papuan dances performed by hundreds of students from several schools in Jayapura.

The carnival route is from the Cenderawasih University auditorium to the PYCH building. The total distance covered is about 8 kilometers.

According to Dave, one of the aims of this carnival is also to socialize PYCH to the people in Jayapura.

“Hopefully with this carnival we can capture and lure young Papuans to know what PYCH is here for. So PYCH is here to develop young people’s creativity and young talents,” hoped Dave.

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“Thanks to Mr. Jokowi for building and guiding young PYCH, who can build the economy and creativity of young people,” he added.

One of the participants in the PYCH carnival, Rosselina Agnes Maniagasi, admitted that she was very enthusiastic about being able to enliven the carnival in welcoming the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub building.

In the carnival, Rosselina wore a costume from one of the PYCH designers. He explained that the costume was named Putri Selatan Papua, which was inspired by the Asmat tribe in the southern region of Papua.

“The enthusiasm is huge, because I am interested in the world of entertainment, especially in the modeling world. So when there was a gathering for this event, I was very enthusiastic to enliven it. As well as proving to my friends in Papua that we can make and build Papua more advanced. with our works,” said Rosselina.

The PYCH carnival participants are members of the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) who are also fostered by the State Intelligence Agency.

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