83 Million People Will Be Unemployed Gegara ChatGPT Cs

83 Million People Will Be Unemployed Gegara ChatGPT Cs

Jakarta, Reportase – The presence of AI such as ChatGPT is predicted to disrupt a quarter of jobs in the world in the next 5 years.

According to the latest report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), in particular the job market will experience churn 23%.

According to the WEF, the companies surveyed predicted that 83 million jobs would be lost, albeit offset by the creation of another 69 million new jobs.

This still leaves a deficit of 14 million positions eliminated, meaning there will be a 2% contraction of the global workforce, as quoted from TheNextWebThursday (4/5/2023).

The report identified 3 main factors triggering the transformation of the labor market, namely the green transition, increased adoption of new technologies, and slow economic growth in line with rising living costs.

Respondents predicted that investments that facilitate business green transitions and wider adoption of ESG standards would have the strongest job creation effect, even if the percentage of displacement was small.

In particular big data analyticsclimate-environmental change management technologies, encryption, and cybersecurity are expected to be the biggest drivers of job growth.

Digital platforms, applications, e-commerce, and AI will also generate more work than it eliminates. Only robots actually take our jobs, resulting in an 11.4% role loss.

Along those lines, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Information Security Analysts top the list of the fastest growing roles.

The largest job losses, associated with increased automation and digitalization, are expected to occur most in administrative roles and traditional security, manufacturing, and trade positions. This includes cashiers, bank tellers, and accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks.

But despite the rapid development of technology, respondents believe that the biggest threat to the labor market is an economic downturn. In particular, slow economic growth coupled with supply shortages and inflation could account for 87.4% of net job turnover.

From a regional perspective, countries around the world are expected to experience similar levels of disruption in the job market, driven by the same three main factors. Percentages are lower in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and North Africa by 21%, while the highest is expected to occur in Central Asia by 25%.

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