8 Men’s and Women’s Teams Will Compete in Solo for the Grand Final Tickets

8 Men's and Women's Teams Will Compete in Solo for the Grand Final Tickets – Eight men’s and women’s teams will compete for tickets to the grand final in the PLN Mobile Proliga 2023 volleyball match in the final round of the final four series three at Gor Sritex Arena Solo, Central Java, from 9 to 12 March.

The four Proliga men’s teams that will compete for the grand final are Jakarta Lavani Allo Bank, Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi, Jakarta STIN BIN and Surabaya BIN Samator. Meanwhile, the women’s team is Bandung bjb Tandamata, Jakarta BIN, Jakarta Pertamina Fastron, and Gresik Petrokinia Pupuk Indonesia.

“The four men’s and four women’s teams will determine the top two men’s and two women’s teams to go to the grand final at the Amongrogo Sports Hall in Yogyakarta, on March 18 and 19,” said Director of Porliga Hanny S Surkatty during a press conference for the Proliga 2023 final round 4. the final three series in Solo, Wednesday as quoted by ANTARA.

Proliga 2023 has completed two final four series in two consecutive weeks. The first round and the start of the second round were respectively held in Gresik and Semarang. The third week is the decisive series towards the top party because the top two teams in the final standings are confirmed for the grand final.

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“Certainly the third series of the final four will be the pinnacle of competition towards the grand final in Yogyakarta,” he said.

Therefore, he said, all teams in every match want to win so they can appear at the top party of the competition which has entered its 21st year.

In the men’s sector, the Jakarta Lavani Allo Bank Team as the defending champion has the greatest chance of advancing to the grand final. Meanwhile, one other team will still be contested between Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi and Jakarta STIN BIN.

Lavani only needs one point to secure a position in the final. Lavani will face Bhayangkara Presisi on Friday (10/3), and the final match will be against Jakarta STIN BIN, Sunday (12/3).

Meanwhile for Bhayangkara Presisi and STIN BIN, this third series is a decisive phase. The two teams have faced each other in the second series, second round, last week in Semarang. As a result, Bhayangkara won over STIN BIN with a score of 3-0. In the first round of the final four, the first draw in Gresik, two weeks ago, STIN BIN defeated Bhayangkara Presisi with a score of 3-2.

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Of the four men’s teams in the final four, only Surabaya BIN Samator has yet to win in four matches. So, Rivan Nurmulki and friends certainly failed to move on to the final four.


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