54,147 Vehicles Leave Jakarta via Cikampek Utama on the Second Day of Eid

54,147 Vehicles Leave Jakarta via Cikampek Utama on the Second Day of Eid

Reportase.one, Jakarta PT Jasamarga Transjawa Tol (JTT) noted that vehicles leaving Jakarta still dominate the transaction data at Main Cikampek Toll Gate on the second day of Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijri or 23 April 2023.

Based on data from the Monitoring Postal System for the Cikampek Utama Toll Gate on April 23, 2023 at 23.20 WIB, it was recorded that there were 54,147 vehicles leaving Jakarta for Palimanan via the Cikampek Utama GT. As for the volume of vehicles heading to Jakarta via GT Cikampek Utama was recorded at 16,845 vehicles.

The Cikampek Utama GT Monitoring Post also recorded the same pattern on the first day of Eid al-Fitr or 22 April 2023. At that time, 74,420 vehicles were recorded leaving Jakarta during the period Lebaranwhile the volume of traffic to Jakarta was recorded at 9,848 vehicles.

The government predicts that the peak of the 2023 Eid return will take place on April 24-25, April 29-30 and May 1 2023. “From the analysis we got, the peak starts on Monday, April 24, Tuesday, April 25, then Saturday, April 29, Sunday, April 30 and Monday, May 1,” said the Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi after the Coordination Meeting on the Preparation of Traffic Return to Eid Al-Fitr 2023 in Jakarta, Sunday.

For this reason, Budi said that his party had recommended that travelers avoid traveling at the peak of the return flow to avoid the potential for a buildup of vehicles. “We recommend that people do not travel on the dates mentioned,” he said.

Budi Karya Sumadi adding that his party had coordinated with a number of parties to intensify socialization regarding the travel recommendations. The socialization, he said, aims to provide advice to the public to pay attention to travel times in order to break down the peak density of milir currents.

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