5 Ways to Avoid Your Phone Being Tracked

5 Ways to Avoid Your Phone Being Tracked

Reportase.one, Jakarta – The more we use cellphone, the more personal information we provide. The cellphone used can track users in various ways, either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

In today’s data-driven economy, the data one person owns is invaluable. Launch page Reader’s Digest, so that data remains safe, the following how to avoid cell phone being tracked:

1. Turn off the Cellphone

This method might be the inconvenience of not being able to use the phone at all, in fact, it’s not even a solution for most people. Therefore, back up the phone on the computer before turning it off so that it can still access the data from the phone.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is not only done while traveling by air. Enabling airplane mode turns off the cellular radio and Wi-Fi built into your phone so it can’t connect to networks. It’s easy to activate. Just change the settings and navigate to enable airplane mode on your iPhone or Android phone.

3. Turn off Location Settings

Turning off location-based features on your phone can prevent GPS tracking. Nick Donarski, co-founder Chief Technology Officer of computer support services and Blockchain company ORE System, said that Google, Apple and Samsung phones store and record movements through the phone’s GPS function.

Turning off location settings will remove some functionality of certain online apps and services. By disabling it, for example, the maps application will not be able to give directions.

4. Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to increase phone security. Enabling VPN can change the IP address through the establishment of a private network that prevents browsing history from being tracked. It’s worth noting VPNs and other security apps don’t stop phones from being tracked when offlineso use one of the methods above if you want to be completely safe

5. Use a Safe Search Engine

Try downloading and using it Onion Browser for iOS and Tor for Android. Browsers it can increase user privacy and prevent outside tracking by encrypting information and passing it through a server that disguises the address. Another function is to show a plug-in that prevents web pages from using Javascript that can track user activity.

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