3 MotoGP News: News from Maverick Vinales, Aleix Espargaro and Fabio Quartararo

3 MotoGP News: News from Maverick Vinales, Aleix Espargaro and Fabio Quartararo, Jakarta – Aprilia Racing racers Maverick Vinales increasingly confident towards the Spanish MotoGP following his achievements in the main race of the American Grand Prix last weekend. He managed to finish in fourth position.

“It was a very fast race and I did laps after laps well, improving my position. However, we will continue to improve our starting position because there is no doubt that if we can reach the front position from the start of the race, the results can be even better,” said Vinales.

He admits that he is quite proud of his achievements even though he has not managed to stand on the podium. According to him, it was a sweet revenge after ups and downs in the sprint race. He also strengthened his position in the championship through the transition of the podium.

“We have speed and this is very important. I really believe in this bike even when I have to duel with other riders, really believe that until today I managed to take a lot of positions and was effective even in braking even though I lost my front right wing,” said Vinales.

“We were quicker than we thought. After three races we are in a good position in the standings and we head to Jerez with confidence.”

In the sprint race, Vinales failed to get his best lap because the yellow flag was issued due to an accident with another racer. But he still got good pace from the start to get 8th place on the grid.

The Spaniard was forced to push himself to return to his position after starting the race imperfectly. Falling to 18th position in the first round, he fought hard to reach 10th position. “On the Sprint, I made a mistake and I’m very focused on not doing that again. We will analyze the data to improve this aspect because after all we have targets,” he said.

Aleix Espargaro Satisfied with Aprilia’s Performance

Aprilia Racing racer Aleix Espargaro admitted that he was quite satisfied with the team’s performance even though he had an accident at the main American MotoGP race at the Circuit of the Americas, Austin.

“If the crash had happened at another track, I’m not going to say I wouldn’t be this angry, but obviously it would be very special for me to be able to take a podium position here, which clearly supports our potential. However, after all the difficulties I have always had at COTA, this weekend is showing surprising potential,” said Espargaro.

As for Espargaro, he repeated his previous conditions with a good start from the second row with the target of the podium. However, the results had to evaporate after the crash at corner 12. This was quite a contrast to his performance in the sprint race. During that session, Espargaro immediately secured third place. In the following rounds, he continued to perform better and earned second place, and stayed in that position until the 7th round.

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