103 Students Become Unair 2023 Golden Ticket Nominees, Announcement to Participate in SNBP Tomorrow

103 Students Become Unair 2023 Golden Ticket Nominees, Announcement to Participate in SNBP Tomorrow

Reportase.one, Jakarta – Chancellor of Airlangga University (Unair) Mohammad Nasih said that 103 students were selected as recipients of the 2023 Golden Ticket nominations. The nominators had gone through a four-stage selection process with 796 students applying from various provinces in Indonesia.

Out of 103 Golden Ticket nominees, 69 of them are Platinum recipients and 34 of them are Gold recipients. “Platinum is applicants with good academic and non-academic achievements and are supported by good school rankings, so we propose them to be accepted. Although the official decision is still waiting for an announcement from the government,” he said as quoted from Unair’s official website on Monday, March 27, 2023.

The Golden Ticket path is filtered and adjusted according to academic grades, supporting scores, position at school, and finally adjusted to the student’s choice of study program. The definitive acceptance of Golden Ticket applicants follows the official announcement of the national selection based on merit (SNBP) which falls on Tuesday, 28 March 2023.

“The SNBP is written clearly, the main basis and main criteria are the grades of the subjects in the report cards. The Golden Ticket is an additional part of several indicators and criteria related to achievements, both uploaded and through other mechanisms, “explained Nasih.

The Golden Ticket route, he continued, is an additional achievement value which will later be taken into consideration. This path will allow one’s position to get better at school.

“Those who are accepted are those who report their achievements to Unair,” he said.

Reach Outstanding Students in Remote Areas

According to Nasih, the purpose of the Golden Ticket is not only to provide opportunities to become Unair students through academic and non-academic achievements, but also to reach schools in remote villages.

“This Golden Ticket route will provide opportunities for schools that may still be left behind or may not yet have alumni. From here, we can see the track record that the school has students who excel,” he explained.

There are several requirements for participants who take part in the Golden Ticket selection. Applicants must be high school students who are eligible for the SNBP. In addition, students must also choose study programs at Unair as the first choice in SNBP.

Golden Ticket participants must be able to prove outstanding academic and non-academic achievements. Participants who have achievements in the field of organization such as being the student council president or memorizing religious scriptures that are recognized in Indonesia can also enter their achievements to take part in the selection.

The recipient of the Golden Ticket nomination, continued Nasih, also did not reduce the quota line for each faculty. In fact, through that route there are several study programs whose quota has been added. “In general, the Golden Ticket route will increase the number of students accepted at Unair. And as a whole it will increase the existing capacity, beyond the predetermined capacity,” said Nasih.

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